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The first week of July was so filled with ups and downs, there was just so much happening at the same time that it was quite overwhelming to be honest. I took a small break from the scheduled program for my weight lifting and got a training session in with my good buddy and The Revolution of Health co-host Dr. Ray. He really encouraged me to go beyond my usual numbers and I ended up bench pressing what was my previous 1 rep-max for 2 clean reps and then 3 more with a bit of spotting from him. We had an awesome guest on our show Tuesday named Carmen Wylie who discussed cognitive wellness and neurofeedback, some truly interesting stuff! Thursday we had an episode that Dr. Ray and I had been excited about since the inception of our show. We were honored to have world renowned fitness icon Mike O’Hearn as our guest, he is such an inspiration and so multi-talented. On the show with Mike we discussed how he got to where he is today, how important it is to lift heavy weights and challenge yourself in new ways all the time, and him and I were able to connect on the subject of having a dog as a training partner. I was so blown away that we had him on the show, this is a man who I watched on TV when I was growing up and always told myself “this is somebody who I want to be like when I get older”.

Friday I went to the legendary Mecca of bodybuilding Gold’s Gym in Venice for my first time to do deadlifts with Dr. Ray. It was my first time there but I already felt at home. I was pleasantly surprised to see a friend of mine who I met and trained with at the gym I usually go to, he moved and now frequents Gold’s 5 days a week. Dr. Ray and I had an amazing deadlift session, both of us pushing ourselves and never letting form break down. After deadlifts he introduced me to some new (to me) kettlebell exercises which were tough but felt great. We then moved on to the leg press machine when lo-and-behold the one and only Jay Cutler with his trainer Eric DiLauro were using the hack squat machine directly behind it. Eric recognized me from when we had met at LA Fitness in Hollywood when he was preparing a friend of mine for her show, I also found out that he knew Dr. Ray and had prepped him for his first bodybuilding show…it’s such a small and awesome world in fitness! We all got to catch up for a bit and take some photos together which was so awesome. After Dr. Ray had to leave I continued training legs and got on the hack squat right next to Jay, him being there inspired me to load up an extra 2 plates and I did as I always do, full range of motion until it touches the stops on every rep (pretty far down at 6’1″ haha). I did a few sets with the big guys there and then moved on to do calves and abs by myself, I went really hard and felt so damn good, I was unstoppable!

A lot of things were going on in my personal life at the same time as these amazing events, it was hard to not get dragged down by them. When I realized the magnitude of abundance and positivity that had happened for me throughout the week, I could do nothing but smile and be thankful. When I was over 400lbs I never would have dreamt that I would be able to train with somebody as strong and smart as Dr. Ray, have my long-time role model Mike O’Hearn on a show that I am co-host of, and work out with the top level bodybuilders and trainers in the world…much less all of that in one week.

Never give up hope, keep pushing forward and you will see AMAZING things happen in your life.

Mike O’Hearn on The Revolution of Health:

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Jordan Grahm & Dr. Ray @ Gold's Venice

Jordan Grahm & Dr. Ray @ Gold’s Venice

Jay Cutler & I @ Gold's Venice

Jay Cutler & I @ Gold’s Venice

Eric DiLauro & I @ Gold's Venice

Eric DiLauro & I @ Gold’s Venice

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This video chronicles my journey of transforming my body and my life through changing my mind-state, my diet and my exercise habits . I just wanted to share a very personal transformational journey of mine from fat to fit. I hope that I can serve to inspire you to never quit on yourself and believe in yourself. If you like what I created, please share this video with others. It took me a lot to share this with the world, I think that many people will benefit from learning about my journey and applying it to their lives.

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Red Velvet Protein Pancakes


8oz – Liquid Egg Whites
40g – finely ground steel cut oats
2 scoops – iForce “Red Velvet Protean”

1/2 packet – Stevia (to taste)


225g (1cup) – Fat Free Greek Yogurt
8g – Fat Free Sugar Free Cheesecake Jello Pudding Mix
1/2 packet – Stevia (to taste)



Mix greek yogurt, jello pudding mix & stevia thoroughly in a small bowl


Mix egg whites, oats & protein powder thoroughly, I used a blender bottle.

1. Preheat pan with a bit of cooking spray on medium/high
2. Pour half of the batter (depends on pan size) on to pan
3. Wait for the bottom to solidify and bubbles to appear then flip the pancake
4. Cook for another minute or 2
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the rest of the batter

Place thin layer of topping in between pancakes with the rest on top.


Macronutrient Profile:

680 calories; 92g Protein, 55g Carbs, 11g Fat